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The Nexus way

Nexus is a flat, self-managing network of experts who have known each other for years and who trust each other implicitly. There are no underlings in Nexus, which means your company’s project will never be handled by a junior consultant. With a global network covering over 30 countries, Nexus International provides our clients with the link between strategic planning and effective tactical execution, enabling transformative consulting.

The Nexus Leadership Panel has over 40 current and former senior executives with proven track records in governance and delivery across retail, sales, marketing and training;

The Nexus Specialist Panel has nearly 100 data scientists, software developers, HR and training consultants, content marketers and other experts who can be pulled into projects as needed.

Nexus Equity Partners, Strategic Partners and Investors help to broaden and deepen our capabilities and provide access to funding while staying within our circle of trust.

Equity Partners

Value-adding partner companies, including a software house and law firm, in which Nexus owns equity.

Specialist Panel

Trusted industry, data and software specialists who are contracted for project work.

Leadership Panel

Experienced executives with successful track records who assist with project, governance and board services.

Strategic Partners

Preferred strategic partners who have a proven track record in Nexus joint projects.


Our own Nexus Fund, combined with selected PE, VC Funds we have worked with before.


Practice of expertise

We build value for our clients through a suite of transformative services:

Transformative Consulting
Data & Innovation
DNA Engineering
Board & Governance
Funding & Legal

Transformative Consulting

Business transformation is more than just doing things quicker, cheaper or at greater scale. It means achieving all these gains, and more, by doing things differently. Through tried-and-tested services like our “Strategy in a Day” workshop, Nexus’s core consulting team has delivered valuable change across Go2Market strategy, sales funnel optimisation, HR and training for clients like Prudential, EDF Energy, Carlsberg and the Kingfisher Group.

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Nexus Data & Innovation

With transformation often comes a need for innovation to reveal new products, new processes or new analytics. This is where Nexus comes into its own, through our specialist panel and strategic partners who specialise in vital areas like big data, monetization, payments, automation. We love nothing more than to tackle questions like “How can I get value from these data?,” and “Can this be automated?”

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DNA Engineering

When innovation leads to need for tailor-made software, Nexus can call on its own software house, DNA, to deliver value to clients. DNA has 25 experienced staff who have completed over 80 projects covering cross-platform development (mobile, web, blockchain), UX/UI design, web services and security. Thanks to a decade of collaboration, DNA engineers and Nexus specialists work together to create solutions with maximum responsiveness and efficiency.

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Nexus Board & Governance

We work with our clients to deliver change by creating or reconfiguring board and governance structures, often embedding our own experts into boards to see this through. Bringing Nexus specialists into advisory boards not only add expertise but also fosters honesty and transparency, makes connections to new partners and investors and unlocks media and PR opportunities.

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Nexus Funding & Legal Services

Nexus has its own Fund for investing in clients and we have successfully raised for several projects in our portfolio. We also have a strong track record of finding investors from select PE and VC funds outside of the Nexus family, as well as assisting with a range of other transaction types including divestment, m&a, valuations, IPOs and ICOs. The Nexus family also includes Nexus Law, a nimble, technology-led law firm that helps our clients avoid the delays and overheads of traditional legal services.

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Your Transformation Department

When we recommend a strategy or piece of technology to assist with your company’s transformation, we also embed our own experts -- and if needed, our own tools or software -- to oversee implementation and ensure that every ounce of value is extracted.

Our clients come back to us because they know we never advise from the side-lines and we never spread ourselves thinly. We care about your scalability, not ours.

Critical moments when Nexus can help:


From early stage, start-up,
to interational expansion


Divestment, integration, separation,
merger & acquisition

Distressed, Stagnating or Rocketing

Crisis management, cost optimisation, unlocking growth, innovative business modelling or operation modelling, competence building

Leap frogging

Innovative business models with
incremental revenue streams and organisational development

Strategy, Go2Mkt and Business Planning

Incubation, scalability & capabilities

Exiting, Acquiring,
Merging, Expanding

Advisory, valuation, legal, tax, funding,



Lau Geckler


Practice Lead
Board & Governance
Service Lead

Adrian Stewart

Managing Partner

Practice Lead
Go2Market & Comunications
Service Lead
Organisational Transformation
GDPR Compliance

Kasper Ditlevsen

Managing Partner

Practice Lead
Data & Innovation 
DNA Engineering
Service Lead
Corporate & Functional Strategy 
Business & Operating Modelling
Data Analytics & Monetization

Greg Thain

Managing Partner

Practice Lead
Funds & Transactions
Service Lead
Transactions Services
Business Simulation

Martin Lundvall

Managing Partner

Service Lead
Retail Distribution
In-store Optimization


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