Nexus International strengthens predictive analytics capabilities in new joint venture

Nexus International & Trusted Data seals the deal

Nexus Data & Innovation has seen a tremendous growth lately and are seen as a natural good fit within the Nexus transformative advisory services. Nexus clients across multiple vertical sectors, are capturing vast amounts of data and are increasingly looking for creative ways of developing enrichment, insights and potential new revenue streams, as well as optimizing their operations. Some are having brilliant ideas, developed hypotheses, and maybe even initiated projects, but experience challenges down the road. Lack of access to talent, cultural inertia, or simply don't know where to start. The newly developed "Strategy-in-a-Day" proposition, has already helped dozens of clients getting started and structure their efforts, whereto several has finalized implementation and integration of their strategic analytics initiatives. All implementations has shown an undisputed best in class track record of results, whether the intention has been to grow the topline, optimize costs, or manage risks. 

Trusted Data has been a strategic partner and friends of the Nexus family, being an integrated part of the data analytics delivery arm of Nexus International. This strategic partnership has now been sealed in a new joint venture between the parties, called Nexus Data & Innovation.

Nexus Data & Innovation is an international data analytics and innovation consultancy, providing machine learning & artificial intelligence solutions and services, such as predictive analytics, data-modelling, data monetization services, data-enabled innovation services etc. We offer our clients access to a team of senior data scientists, analysts, business consultants and an industry leadership panel, delivering tailored data-models with value-added consulting services. We are an agile, technology-led joint transformation department.

Working with organisations across a range of industry verticals and horizontals, delivering game-changing data insights to mitigate risk and create value. We embed predictive / prescriptive analytics into your business decision-making to achieve substantial measurable performance step change. We have engineered complex data transformation projects for clients spanning, automated reporting and dashboards, sentiment analysis, machine learning and advanced level forecasting. Our deep functional insights also enable us to offer a range of bespoke functional solutions, spanning your organisations' value chain, to develop extensive insights into your supply chain, people, customers and products.

We have gained momentum working in Eastern Europe, South-East Asia and virtually all countries in the Middle East and our client experience includes McDonalds, Nissan, Emirate Airlines, Etisalat Group, AON Hewitt and several leading FMCG and Retail companies in Europe and the Middle East Region. 

Product Release!

Recently Grigora was released and are rapidly gaining market share. Grigora is an AI-based open source logistics solution, capable of delivering superior performance for your routing and distribution activities. Imagine having access to a customisable AI interface guaranteeing superior logistics performance..... ​ Now, imagine if you could validate the solutions' performance before you invest a dollar..... ​ Welcome to Grigora.

Success... again and Again ​

Interested to learn about what we have achieved with clients? Discover how big data analytics through Nexus Data & Innovation has transformed our clients' top line and bottom line performance.

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New Experts & Partners to join Nexus International

New Experts & Partners to join Nexus International! In our continuous growth in both new sectors, geographies and services, we are strengthening our capabilities and are thus very happy to welcome new experts and partners.


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