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Our view in Nexus International is, that post pandemic, will be a gigantic disruption wave. Both when it comes to digital, as well as acquisitions and transformations. We are already seeing plenty of examples of this happening in our own, our partners and clients’ businesses (see more below).

Dedicated to our core purpose in helping organisations to transform their business, we want to share these learning with you!

- Draw on the view and experience from 50+ experts globally, all for free!

We are setting up a biweekly virtual sounding board 1:1 for your executive team (max 3), consisting of Nexus International managing partners, our 50+ global expert panel and if applicable our 100+ specialist panel. - Click here to participate!

From the pool of participants, we will every second week, randomly draw 3 organisations, with whom we will coordinate the time for a 1,5 hour virtual sounding board. If your organisation isn’t chosen, your candidacy goes into the pool for the next draw and we will contact you with our key learnings and recommendations. Prior to the virtual meeting, we will share the selected relevant background experience of the sounding board members, so we won’t waste time, doing introductions.

The proposed agenda looks as below, but we can tailor to your needs:

15 min - Summary of sounding board experience, learnings and recommendations

30 min - Intro to your business, summary of key challenges, concerns & preliminary plans

10 min - Clarification and questioning

30 min - Roundtable discussion, idea generation and validation of plans

5 min - Recap and potential next steps

Nexus’ selected takes on the situation now and going forward:

What is the best advice you can give to the professionals and business community?

Take care of your people, be a responsible employer and have an infinite mindset. No element of control can replace good frontline thinking and a human touch. As a manager, get out of the way and concentrate your energy on finding a way to move everybody forward. Stay true to your core business’ purpose and value, both when it comes to employees, clients, partners and your CSR towards your local community.

What does digital capabilities mean to your business?

The biggest enabler of digital transformation has neither been technology, the Big3, nor has it been acquisitions, it has been the Covid-19. Purchase decision journeys has changed overnight and won’t just return to the pre-pandemic time.

  • Has your business already transformed to meet, engage and influence your customers where they are and where they make the purchase decisions?
  • What are the implications to your business, when the revenue and profit structure changes dramatically?
  • Are you suddenly in competition with new and different players and are your client propositions compelling now and going forward?

What is your focus in business now?

Reimagining the future of our organisation i.e., considering what we can learn from current events to make our future business stronger. Having managed organisations during the financial crisis in emerging markets in 2009, the 9/11, global sanctions and embargo, hyperinflation, may have given the advantage of being ‘mentally’ better prepared for this. Still, there is a big difference between ‘crisis management’ and ‘managing in a crisis’ – the latter requires a dedicated focus.

What are the opportunities for potential acquisitions?

If you are a well established company, there will be opportunities for acquisitions. You should closely study and follow where these opportunities occur.

  • Is it startups getting into trouble, where you can acquire innovative capabilities?
  • Or is it bigger companies having troubles with cash-flows, and how they potentially will have a strategic fit?

Beyond all of the above, we at Nexus are happy to share additional and specific examples of learnings with you, If you would like to learn more about Nexus International, please get in touch or visit us online here.

Latest news for Nexus International:

Recent client wins:

Aggregion - We are excited to be advising this very forward looking company with GTM strategy and corporate governance instruments.

The Aggregion platform is a digital supply chain that enables the licensing and rights governance of intellectual property (such as Big Data, Media content, Software, and other data types). The Platform enables copyright holders to license their data B2B2C through any intermediaries and all the way to the consumers’ devices. (www.Aggregion.com)

Instreamatic - We are proud to have received the mandate for fundraising for Instreamatic in Asia.I nstreamatic is a Voice AI Infrastructure for Media — enabling scalable real-time voice conversations between brands and consumers (www.Instreamatic.com)

TOBP - In line with our stated ambition to stay at the vanguard of transformative fintech solutions, The Open Banking Platform is a revolutionary new payments and data gateway to the global Open Banking environment. Nexus has been engaged to provide strategic consulting, sales and fundraising via Nexus Capital

Xtend Elements - The latest additional to our growing list of tech driven renewable energy sector clients, the Xtend element replaces standard restive wire elements with a ceramic element, which means you don’t need to turn the geyser off to save energy. Using non-linear heating tech, this element heats water first, while saving on power. Nexus has been engaged as the exclusive sales and distribution partner for the EU market plus UK.

In addition Nexus are working on projects in Georgia, Asia, UK, Russia, Oman and Denmark and looking forward to share the news.

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