Nexus Data & Innovation Case Study

We helped Russia’s largest loyalty program infrastructure company to monetise big data about customer transactions and behaviour. This included renegotiating contracts to give our client legal access to the data it handled, designing a new way to package and present these data to make them immediately valuable to retailers and manufacturers, and designing a platform by which companies could not only access market data but also directly monetise their own.

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Statement from Nexus International on the invasion of Ukraine.

At Nexus, our primary focus is on the safety and well-being of our people, as well as bringing our international resources to address the humanitarian needs. In response, we have decided to take action to suspend all our activities in Russia and Belarus and relocated our people until further notice.


DNA Team - Made it to the exclusive Clutch Top1000 list again

Nexus full-stack software house DNA, has once again made it to the exclusive Top 1000 list Clutch, a market research firm based in the heart of Washington, DC released their rankings for the top 1000 B2B companies globally.


New Experts & Partners to join Nexus International

New Experts & Partners to join Nexus International! In our continuous growth in both new sectors, geographies and services, we are strengthening our capabilities and are thus very happy to welcome new experts and partners.

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